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Kitty and K-9 Connection - A New Leash on Life is a pet rescue organization dealing with dogs and cats. All pets have had medical check-ups, have been micro-chipped and vaccinated, and every pet is (or will be) spayed or neutered. Cats have been leukemia tested. Medical services are provided by VCA Alpine Veterinary Hospital (12521 Old Seward Hwy).

If you are intending to adopt a pet, first and foremost, "thank you" for considering the Kitty and K-9 Connection - A New Leash on Life rescues. Our focus includes pets rescued from Anchorage Animal Control, referrals from veterinary clinics, occasional sponsored owner releases (which are determined on a case by case basis and must meet specific criteria) and other community referrals. Our special focus continues to be assisting our local seniors with their pet needs. The majority of pets in rescue are fostered in our homes. Amber and Mary foster some of our feline friends in her home and Carol, with the help of her husband, Bruce, the dog/puppy pack, but we have been known to do both. We also have some wonderful foster families who donate their time, homes and love which allows our rescues to experience a successful transition. Our goal is to pursue placements into permanent, caring, life-time homes. When that final match is made, we then complete the "connection". The result is the pet has a new home and the family has a great new family friend to love.

Yes…there is an adoption process and adoption fees. The adoption process is to ensure each pet is matched with the right home so the placement is successful. The fees are used to help another pet…making sure there is thorough medical care, good pet food, a warm bed, etc. We cannot help as many as we do without the financial support of the adoption fees.

Thank you for considering Kitty and K-9 Connection